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The entire purpose of this blog is singular; to prevent the development of the Parlington Estate into a modern township, destined over the course of the next decade to be home to some 15,000 or so residents.

The estate has a long history and is one of a very few locations on the east side of Leeds where it is possible to wander through tranquil and beautiful countryside, largely unaffected by the modern world, a truly inspirational location, yet on the doorstep to various village communities, such as Aberford, Barwick in Elmet, Scholes, Scarthingwell, and the larger but still in walking distance town of Garforth.

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  1. ‘Very well said and researched! Thank you for creating this group.
    Parlington Estate is such a beautiful area and shouldn’t be destroyed, there are very few places like this to be enjoyed, I wholeheartedly agree, natural countryside at its best and steeped in history.
    Surely, there is plenty of brown belt that can be developed… I will register my objection formally. What do we need to do to prevent this development from taking place?’

    1. Myself and one or two others are starting a campaign group, we shall be delighted to get all the support we can, so thanks for your comments. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and here for further news.


      Brian Hull

    2. What do you need to do to stop it? I have provided some useful information which I hope is of use to anyone wishing to object.

  2. In addition to responding to the formal consultation I think we could write/email as many individuals and organisations as we can think of. I have emailed the parish council at Aberford and Barwick, the councillors for Harewood ward, the local MP and the MP for Housing, Gavin Barwell. Organisations I intend to contact are Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the Woodland Trust, English Heritage, Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society, Leeds Civic Trust and any other body I can think of.
    We can attend parish council meetings. We can canvas opinion locally by getting out and talking to residents. My feeling is that there is much more opposition than support for this proposal but we need to co-ordinate it.

  3. I will be affected directly by this proposal. I walk through Parlington regularly – taking in the absolutely beautiful surroundings.

    What happens if Parlington deny access at some date in the future? This is; as I understand an available option at their disposal and always has been. This would warrant any appeal for natural beauty null and void. I hope I’m wrong.

    They denied access in the past.
    Of course there are more concerning points than my twice weekly walks.

    Any help with the distribution of information please let me now.
    Thanks for a hub for a great cause.

    This proposal in a monster in sheer size.
    Nearly 10% of the new builds on the most historical and astonishing places in Yorkshire?
    No no no


  4. Great to see this site and early signs of momentum gathering.
    Read the transcript of 6/10 and much reference to sustainable development…is this really the motivation for M&G?
    Thankfully this is not the only consideration that Leeds has to meet its so called shortage.
    They (M&G/Pru) chose to invest in this green belt, SSI, conservation area, and as custodians and guardians I would say well done. However, the world banking crisis, the loss of investment and the need to realise assets to meet shortfall in capital for pension maturity, does not provide justification to convert visual green belt amenity into development opportunity.
    Using the warning strap line from Financial Services, “Your Investment Can Go Down as Well as Up” ….applies both ways!
    Can I suggest someone explore the relationship between M&G/Prudential/Leeds City Council Refurbishment of Markets post 2000…any vested interests?

  5. Key points you need to know to help stop Parlington being allocated for 5,000 houses.

    1. Leeds city council are currently consulting on where they should allocate future housing in the outer north east area of Leeds. This includes Parlington. Deadline for comments is Monday 7 November 2016. However LCC should still accept comments after this date.

    2. Parlington is a last minute replacement because a previous site Headley Hall was pulled.

    3. Unlike other areas of Leeds, where each settlement is getting its fair share of housing (including Garforth) the local councillors are in support of a large housing allocation right on the edge of the outer north east area. First Headley hall and now Parlington. This is to stop their local constituents in the lovely expensive areas to the south of Wetherby such as Collingham and Boston Spa where their voters are don’t get their share of housing so their areas remain unspoiled from development or have to suffer increase in traffic.

    3. I have seen advice on getting in touch with your local councillors but beware, be very aware. At a plans panel meeting held earlier this year Councillor John Proctor who is married to Councillor Rachel Proctor strongly requested that Parlington should be allowed to build 5,000 houses rather than 1,750. He is clearly in support of Parlington because he keeps such a large number of housing away from his voters.

    4. Don’t be too focused on this site in terms of protecting the green belt etc as green belt is needed across Leeds for new housing. By all means refer to it because it will be a large take up of green belt in one go and will be highly unsustainable for many years to come. The developers can’t make it sustainable in its own right because they rely heavily on the infrastructure and services of Garforth. Instead I would advise you to attack this site on the basis that it is political and that the housing should be delivered on smaller sites in the locations it is needed and should go. How can 5,000 serve the future housing requirements of the outer north east area by plonking it right on the edge of the area next to Garforth, Aberford and Barwick in Elmet. It’s not fair!

    5. The developers say they have lots of money to provide things. Well once the site is allocated they will sell it on for someone else to develop. They are not developers and won’t deliver it.

    6. How does a Tory ward such as the outer north east get to persuade a labour led council to dump 5,000 on the backyard of a strong labour ward such as Garforth? It just doesn’t make sense. If you want to get any councillors on side it needs to be labour and not the conservatives. The conservatives are behind a new settlement on the edge of the outer north east area. They don’t care where as long as it’s on the edge away from their voters. Councillor Dobson etc need to have strong words with their colleagues as to why the conservatives are pulling the strings and are being allowed to do it.

    7. The council have a document called the Core Strategy which set out where future housing should be located across Leeds and a guide on the number of housing for key towns and villages. Parlington is not an existing town or village. Why should one be created to allow people living in very expensive areas of Leeds to get away with no new housing in their back yard?

    I hope you find this information useful and use my points to object. Don’t just object up until the 7th November. Keep objecting to the end, don’t give up until we ensure that this large Green Belt site is protected and that others in Leeds have to take responsibility and accept a little bit of housing here and there where it should go.

  6. At the Aberford Parish Council meeting last night (13th Dec), one of the SPAG members (I assumed that’s what they were), said you could see the plans changing on the M&G website. Is it possible to provide a link to these plans as I’ve been searching the M&G site all day and cannot find them.

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