Parlington Village Invitation

The developers for the Parlington Estate have sent out a flier to local residents in Aberford and Barwick in Elmet, and perhaps further afield. It promotes their objectives, however the wording on the first page inside the brochure titled “The site Allocations Plan” is misleading. Here are my comments along with the wording from the brochure.

The Site Allocation Plan

The Site Allocation Plan identifies potential sites to make sure that sufficient land is available in appropriate locations to meet the growth targets set out in the Core Strategy for housing, employment, retail and greenspace. There is an identified need to provide 66,000 new homes between 2012 and 2028.

The Site Allocation Plan is the first step to delivering those homes. In order to manage the process the city has been divided into a series of Housing Market Characteristic Areas (HMCA’s) each with housing requirement target.

The Outer North East Area is principally made up of the Harewood and Wetherby Wards. The preferred approach for the area is that a major part of the housing is delivered as a strategic site rather than as further development to existing villages.

The Headley Hall site, originally identified as a suitable location, was withdrawn from the site allocation process and left a shortfall in the housing requirement for Outer North East Area. The Parlington Estate has been brought forward as a suitable alternative; well placed to fulfil the required housing allocation target. In March 2016 M&G Real Estate made a submission to the site allocation process for the creation of a new community within the Parlington Estate.

The site allocation plan is a development strategy for local government, in this matter Leeds City Council, and its purpose is indeed to identify appropriate locations for housing etc. We should not however confuse a commercial enterprise, in this matter M&G Real Estate, with the duties placed on local government, but the four opening paragraphs seek to gain credibility by association with the governmental body and its responsibilities, by appeal to authority, commonly referred to in latin as “argumentum ad verecundiam” a well known fallacious method of argument. The phraseology being used to achieve the goal is to take the responsibilities of local government and disseminate them as if by their authority. Thus suggesting the Parlington development is a wholly desirable proposition put forward by a benevolent authority, for whom we as the developers are merely a supplicant, or passive provider.

If we re-phrased this transcript to say:

We the landowners have identified an opportunity to build a new town in the green belt because a previously considered location has dropped out of the frame, in consequence we stand to make a massive fortune on our investment, and the historic landscape of Parlington, largely unchanged for centuries will be gone for ever. But hey who cares, we will have provided some modern boxes to ameliorate the current housing crisis, and walked away with some serious dosh!

What do you think?

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