Save Parlington

A Facebook Page “Save Parlington” is making some noises against the development. Here is a post from earlier today!

What Can I do to Stop This? – 1. Contact Your Ward Councillors

I have been asked by several people what can i do to stop this? A good starting point is to let your local councillors know you disagree with the Councils Proposals. The Parlington site is not yet allocated for development they can lobby the descision making Councillors and officers to stop the development.

They have a responsibility to inform and assist you with your objections. You voted them in and if you are not happy, you can always vote them out.

Their email addresses are:


3 thoughts on “Save Parlington”

  1. I attended this evening’s meeting with no clear objection to the proposal, but left feeling that there may be brownfield sites more appropriate. I advised against NIMBYism and suggested judicial review appropriate where there has been procedural impropriety.
    Happy to support but I do think this is a done deal: a political decision rather than a just one

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