Why is this site dedicated to objecting to the proposed housing development in the Parlington Estate?

Lots of answers:

  • The entire area is in a designated Green Belt.
  • The area is a highly regarded for its natural beauty.
  • It is a scarce resource in the locality to enjoy countryside walks along with a bridleway and cycling route.
  • It is home to many species of wildlife.
  • It has some magnificent examples of specimen tree planting from the eighteenth century.
  • There are numerous structures of importance for our cultural heritage.
  • The Deer Park location although turned over to agriculture, remains largely as it was since before Henry VIII.
  • Some of the existing estate houses are listed, as are some of the important estate structures, e.g. the Triumphal Arch, and the Gardens House.
  • Many more, which will be set out on this site as we progress towards a decision.