1. NPPF states that infrastructure must come first. There are already huge numbers of houses planned for east Leeds and Garforth which will put huge pressure on existing high schools. Although the developer makes vague references to building a new primary school, all the existing high schools – Boston Spa, Tadcaster Grammar and Garforth – are already oversubscribed and are extremely large high schools by local standards (approaching 2,000 pupils) and it is difficult to see how these could be expanded further to accommodate existing allocated sites never mind this site;
  2. The NPPF makes reference in paragraph 72 to the importance of the provision of schooling to the proposed development. It is not sustainable for this to be supported by the current school provisions in the neighbouring villages of Aberford and Barwick in Elmet or East Garforth primary (in the case of primary school places) or the secondary school provisions of John Smeaton and Garforth Community College. This would require significant planning to construct new school places. This is alluded to only in terms of a contribution within the proposal and insufficient plans have been provided by Leeds City Council as to where the additional requirements for school places would be provided. There are site constraints in the expansion of the local schools and only a contribution towards entries, rather than infrastructure costs, outlined within the proposals;
  3. Additionally, the NPPF requirements to promote the retention and development of local services would come under pressure in relation to the local school places. There has been no consideration of the impact on the local schools in terms of entrants or the viability of their schooling provision outlined either in the proposal document or the broader plan from Leeds City Council;
  4. The majority of secondary school aged children in Barwick in Elmet currently travel to Boston Spa and Tadcaster to be educated.  In some years a small number gain places at Garforth Academy however latterly this has been very few, due largely to ever growing population of Garforth. It should be noted that the promoters of the MX2-39 Parlington site are not promoting the site with any secondary education provision and the site will generate a requirement for 500 secondary school places. Garforth, Boston Spa and Tadcaster (North Yorkshire) are ready at full capacity. On this basis the site is not sustainable;
  5. Regardless of new educational facilities proposed for this site we believe Garforth Academy, Boston Spa school and Wetherby Schools will still be the first choice for parents putting more pressure on existing educational facilities and increasing the motor vehicle traffic through Garforth and Aberford;
  6. There are educational facilities mentioned in the site assessment but no mention of timescale when schools will be built;
  7. This has implications for all children in the ONE region and threatens their education;
  8. No allocation (hectares) has been identified within the site specifically for education