MX2-39 :: Parlington Estate Development

The original submission process is closed, however there is now a second consultation period from 15th January thru 26th February.

You need to object again but this time simply add your name and address to the objection campaign by visit the home page and completing the form there: Home Page

The form has now been disabled, we have had over 2,000 visitors since the form went live twelve days ago, thanks to everyone who participated. If you are still interested in Parlington visit the history site at: www.parlington.co.uk

This is a form which is designed to assist people who wish to object to the development proposals for the Parlington Estate, Aberford, included in the Site Allocations Plan (SAP) for the Outer North East Leeds Area. The overall plan is to create a new town including 5,000 homes along with all the infrastructure, this phase to 2028 is for the first 1800 houses.
Please note anyone can object, it is not necessary to be living in the area, you can make your comments known from anywhere on the planet.

How it Works, & What to do

The way it works is as follows:
There are criteria which need to be passed in any objection to Leeds City Council in your response to the development proposals for the Parlington Estate. These can be extremely challenging, and to help people make sense of the submission procedure you can collect template letters from various outlets in the local vicinity. These only need signing and addressing before handing back to the collection points. However not everyone is in a position to do this, so this form is designed to take the procedure away from the world of paper, and utilises the power of the Internet to make your submission as easy as possible.
By completing the form you will receive an email set out ready to send direct to the council, at the email address they have provided for the purpose of making a representation. (Leeds City Council Email: sap@leeds.gov.uk)

Security and Safety

The form data collected is not saved. Full name and postal address details along all the points you make are destroyed when the completed form is sent to you, ready for you to send on to Leeds City Council.

Completing the Form

As you work through the form the details you insert into the various fields are reflected in the submission area to the right, this way you can see exactly what will be delivered to the council by this mechanism, as it is written. Although many of the fields are pre-populated you can change the wording or delete the content, however you see fit. There is also a free field at the end to add additional information.

View your entry details here.

Message to be sent by you by Email to Leeds City Council: sap@leeds.gov.uk

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Dear Sirs,











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Yours faithfully